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Welcome to the IBWC Binational Border Water Resource Summit Page. The following links are provided for information on the Summit's goals, featured presentations and resulting recommendations agreed to upon the Summit's conclusion.

Welcome Letter from Commissioners | Summit Agenda

Summit Recommendations

Summit Recommendations | Mexican Section's Conclusions

Plenary Presentations

Regional Water Planning and Implementation - An El Paso Success Story by Ed Archuleta, El Paso Water Utilities

Rio Grande Project Coordination Between the BoR and U.S. and Mexico on the 1906 Convention - by Filiberto Cortez

Abastecimiento De Agua: El Caso De Ciudad Juarez, Chih - by Dr. René Franco, Municipal Water Board of Cd. Juarez

Hydroclimatic Change in Southwestern North America - by David S. Gutzler, Earth and Planetary Sciences Dept. UNM

The Future of Water in El Paso by David Torres, EPWU

Water Supply Presentations

Water Needs of Planning Regions Along the Texas Border by Carolyn Brittin, Texas Water Development Board

Innovation and Water Technology Presentations

Innovations in Desalinization Technology by Thomas Davis

The Role of Desalination and Water Reuse Technologies in the Southwest through 2100 - by Mike Hightower, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratories

Desalination, A Success Story by Manuel Perez, P.E. EPWU

Manejo Sustentable del Agua en el Rio Conchos: Pasado, Presente y Futuro by Luis Rendon Pimentel, Gerente de Distritos de Riego Mexico

Water Quality and the Environment Presentations

The Rio Grande/Bravo Through Big Bend: Challenges and Opportunities for Bringing Back an Impaired International River by Mark Briggs, World Wildlife Fund

Lower Rio Grande and Lower Laguna Madre BBEST Report - by Dr. Hudson DeYoe, Center for Subtropical Studies UTPA

Water Quality Monitoring in the Rio Grande Basin in Texas - by Leslie Grijalva, Texas Clean Rivers Program

Watershed Planning Presentations

A Time for Collaboration and Innovation by Peter S. Silva, P.E. & BCEE, Silva-Silva International

Collaborative Efforts Relating to Transboundary Water Resources along the U.S. - Mexico Border by Gilbert Anaya

Watershed Management - Activities and ideas form the Paso del Norte - by Dr. Chris Brown, NMSU