Clean Rivers Program Basin Reports and other Publications

The purpose of these reports are to inform the public, the stakeholders, and other agencies as to the condition of the Rio Grande basin, improvements and potential problems within the watershed, the efforts of the Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP) and its partners to monitor and assess the waters of the basin, and potential resolutions to any negative trends within the basin.  The preparation of these reports was financed through grants from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. This page also contains links to administrative reports for CRP.

Basin Highlights/Summary Reports | Graphs of Water Quality Data | Outreach Materials | Special Studies/Projects | Admin Docs


Basin Highlights Reports

Basin Highlights Reports for the Rio Grande basin in Texas - a summary of CRP monitoring activities and water quality data

2017 |2016 |2015 | 2014 | 2012 | 2011 | 2010

2009  |  2009 Executive Summary (English) | 2009 Resumen Ejecutivo (Español)

2007  |  2006  |  2005  |  2004  | | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999


Basin Summary Reports

a more detailed report of water quality trends for the past 5-10 years

new! 2018 Executive Summary| 2018 Basin Summary Report with Appendices

|2013 | 2013 Supplemental Information

2008 | 2003

Graphs of Water Quality Data

for informational purposes only

Bacteria in the Middle and Lower Rio Grande through March 2011


Outreach Materials


Factsheet: Bacteria in the Rio Grande Basin - What you need to know for recreation & health: Factsheet on E. coli bacteria in the water of the Rio Grande


  • Rio Grande Basin 2012 Calendar (featuring student drawings from the 2011 World Water Day Student Drawing Contest)
  • Rio Grande Basin 2011 Calendar / Calendario 2011 para la Cuenca del Río Bravo (14MB) [NOTE: There is an error in the dates in the last week of March. We appologize for any inconvenience.]
  • Rio Grande Basin 2010 Calendar


Special Studies/Projects Reports

Reports of Special Studies and research are available on our Studies Page.

USIBWC CRP Administrative Documents

USIBWC CRP Standard Operating Procedure for Calibration and Maintainence of the YSI 556 Multiprobe, version updated April 2012

USIBWC CRP Standard Operating Procedure for Calibration and Maintainence of the YSI ProDSS Multiprobe, version updated August 2016


USIBWC CRP FY18-19 Work Plan, FY18-19


  • includes Appendix 4: Measurement Performance Specifications (Table A7.1)

USIBWC CRP FY16-17 Work Plan, FY16-17

USIBWC CRP Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP), FY14-15, includes:

  • includes Appendix 1 and 2: Measurement Performance Specifications (Table A7.1)

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