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Monitoring Station Water Quality Data

Below is a list by segment of monitoring stations in the Rio Grande basin. Click on the station ID number to download an Excel format file that contains the water quality data for that station from 1995 to present, for conventional parameters and bacteria. newFor NOTES regarding data, click here.

  • The standards for an impairment in a water body are based on the use of the water body. A table of the USES BY SEGMENT and the ASSESSMENT CRITERIA can be found by clicking here for an Excel table. For the 2010 Texas Surface Water Quality Standards for the Rio Grande Basin (TSWQS), click here. For the Revised 2018 TSWQS, click here.
  • For a PDF file describing the MONTORING PARAMETERS, click here
  • For the complete 2022-2023  QUALITY ASSURANCE PROJECT PLAN (QAPP) for the USIBWC Clean Rivers Program, click here.
  • For the FY2021 MONITORING SCHEDULE for any basin in Texas click here and then select your basin of choice from the map. The Rio Grande Basin is Basin 23. Information about STATIONS can be found on our Studies - GIS data page.
  • For METALS data, click here for a single Excel file containing all of the data that we have for the entire basin by station ID, for total and dissolved metals as well as metals in sediment.
  • For ORGANICS IN SEDIMENT data from 2007-2016, click here. For a summary of the project and the organics parameters, click here. For a brief presentation on organics in sediment collection, click here.

Segment 2301 - Rio Grande Tidal

Station ID

Station Description

Rio Grande Tidal at State Highway 2 near Boca Chica

Rio Grande at Sabal Palm Sanctuary

Segment 2302 - Rio Grande below Falcon Reservoir

Station ID

Station Description

Rio Grande below El Jardin at Brownsville

Rio Grande International Bridge on US 77 at Brownsville

Rio Grande at Brownsville PUB Water Treatment Plant No. 1 Intake between WTP Reservoir and Rio grande Levee

Rio Grande near River Bend boat ramp, west of Brownsville

Rio Grande 6.3 km downstream from San Benito pumping plant

Rio Grande 100 m upstream from the FM 1015 Bridge at Progresso


Rio Grande downstream of El Anhelo Drain South of Las Milpas

Rio Grande 200 m upstream of Pharr International Bridge

Rio Grande at International Bridge

Rio Grande 0.5 mi below Anzalduas dam, 12.2 mi from Hidalgo


Rio Grande River off Shuerbach Road / Airfield Road 1.2 Kilometers South and 70 Meters East from the intersection of Shuerbach Road and Military Road South of Mission CAMS 792

Rio Grande at the El Morillo Tract of the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Old Rio Grande Meander La Parido Banco Number 144 Boat Ramp

Rio Grande at SH 886 near Los Ebanos


Rio Grande, approx. 380m downstream of the confluence with Los Olmos Creek


Arroyo Los Olmos, 400m upstream of the confluence with the Rio Grande, near Rio Grande City

Arroyo Los Olmos Bridge on US 83 south of Rio Grande City


Arroyo Los Olmos at SH 755 NW of Rio Grande City

Rio Grande at Fort Ringhold, 1 mi downstream of Rio Grande City

Rio Grande below Rio Alamo near Fronton

Rio Grande 2.5 mi below Falcon Dam at diversion structure

Segment 2303 - International Falcon Reservoir

Station ID

Station Description

Falcon Lake at International Boundary Monument #1

Falcon Lake at International Boundary Monument #14

Falcon Reservoir at San Ygnacio WTP intake

Segment 2304 - Rio Grande below International Amistad Reservoir

Station ID

Station Description

Rio Grande at Webb/Zapata county line

Rio Grande at the San Isidro Pump Station

Rio Grande at Rio Bravo, 0.5 km downstream of El Cenizo


Rio Grande at El Cenizo Park, 220m West of the intersection of Cadena and Jimenez

Rio Grande at pipeline crossing, 13.9 km below Laredo

Rio Grande at Masterson Rd. in Laredo, 9.9 downstream of International Bridge #1

Rio Grande 1.1 mi. downstream from Highway Bridge between Laredo and Nuevo Laredo

Rio Grande at International Bridge #2 in Laredo

Rio Grande 50 yds upstream of Zacate Creek confluence with Rio Grande (Azteca)

Rio Grande at Laredo WTP pump intake

Rio Grande at CP&L power plant intake

Rio Grande 115 Meters South and 304 meters West from the Intersection of Rancho Viejo Drive/Zebu Court and Rienda Drive at Father MacNaboe Park in Laredo

Manadas Creek at FM 1472 north of Laredo

Rio Grande below World Trade Bridge

Rio Grande at Colombia Bridge, 2.7 km upstream of the Dolores pump station

Rio Grande at Apache Ranch

Rio Grande at IBWC Weir Dam, 6 mi south of El Indio


Rio Grande at Kickapoo Casino

Rio Grande at Kickapoo Casino Boat Ramp south of Eagle Pass

Rio Grande at Kickapoo Reservation 1.92 km S and 2.02 Km west of RR 1021 at Maverick County Hwy 523 South of Eagle Pass

Rio Grande near irrigation canal lateral in Eagle Pass

Rio Grande at US 277 in Eagle Pass


Rio Grande at Main Street Boat Ramp approx 400 meters upstream of US 57/International Bridge in Eagle Pass

Rio Grande 4.5 mi downstream of Del Rio at Moody Ranch

Rio Grande 12.8 mi below Amistad Dam, 340 m upstream of US 277 Bridge in Del Rio

Rio Grande below Amistad Dam  NW of Del Rio

Rio Grande 3.4 km  downstream of Amistad above Weir Dam

Segment 2305 - International Amistad Reservoir

Station ID

Station description

Amistad Reservoir at International Boundary Buoy 1 adjacent to dam

Amistad Reservoir at Buoy #1

Amistad Reservoir Rio Grande Arm at Buoy #2

Amistad Reservoir Devils River Arm at Buoy DRP

Segment 2306 - Rio Grande above Amistad Dam

Station ID

Station Description

Rio Grande at Foster Ranch west of Langtry off Hwy 90 W


Rio Grande at the confluence with Indian Creek in Terrell County


Rio Grande 50 meters upstream of Silber Canyon South of Sanderson


Rio Grande at Taylors Farm SW of Sanderson

Rio Grande at FM 2627 (Gerstacker Bridge) below Big Bend

Rio Grande at the mouth of Santa Elena Canyon

Rio Grande below Rio Conchos confluence near Presidio

Rio Grande at Rio Grande Village in Big Bend National Park

Rio Grande at Lajitas Resort/FM 170 Boat Ramp0240 m upstream of Black Hills Creek confluence near Lajitas

Rio Grande at Colorado Canyon Approx. 30 km SE of Redford on RR170 in Presidio County

Rio Grande at Presidio Railroad Bridge

Rio Grande at Presidio Ojinaga vehicle bridge.

Segment 2307 - Rio Grande below Riverside Diversion Dam

Station ID

Station Description

Rio Grande 2.4 mi upstream from Rio Conchos confluence

Rio Grande at Candelaria

Rio Grande 1.47 kilometers Upstream of the Confluence with the Green River

Rio Grande at Little Box Canyon

Rio Grande at Neely Canyon, south of Fort Quitman

Rio Grande Bridge off US 80 - IH 10 at Fort Hancock Port of Entry

Rio Grande at Alamo Control Structure, 9.7 km upstream of Fort Hancock port of entry

Rio Grande at Guadalupe point of entry bridge at FM 1106 west of Tornillo

Rio Grande at San Elizario, 500 m upstream of Capomo Road end of pavement and 10.2 km downstream of Zaragoza International Bridge

Segment 2308 - Rio Grande below International Dam

Station ID

Station Description

Rio Grande at Riverside canal 1.8 km downstream of Zaragosa International Bridge


Rio Grande at Zaragosa International Bridge

Rio Grande 1.3 km downstream from Haskell R. Street WWTP outfall

Rio Grande 2.4 km upstream from Haskell R. Street WWTP outfall, south of Bowie High School football stadium in El Paso

Segment 2309 - Devil's River - Tributary of the Rio Grande

Station ID

Station Description

Devils River at Pafford crossing near Comstock

Devils River on Devils River State Natural Area, 1.7 km upstream of road crossing

Dolan Springs 100 yds upstream of confluence with Devils River

Segment 2310 - Lower Pecos River - Tributary of the Rio Grande

Station ID

Station Description

Independence Creek 0.5 mi downstream from John Chandler Ranch headquarters

Lower Pecos River CAMS 0729

Pecos River at gaging station 7.4 mi east of Langtry, 15 mi upstream of confluence with Rio Grande

Pecos River 7.52 km upstream from the Val Verde/Terrell/Crockett county line

Pecos River 0.1 km upstream of the Confluence with Independence Creek, Chandler Ranch

Pecos River Approximately 0.5 mi downstream from the Confluence with Independence Creek

Pecos River 0.7 mi downstream from US 90 W in Val Verde county

Segment 2311 - Upper Pecos River - Tributary of the Rio Grande

Station ID

Station Description

Upper Pecos River Bridge on US 290 SE of Sheffield CAMS 0735

Pecos River at US 67 NE of Girvin

Pecos River 62 m North and 17 m east to the end of Horse Head Road

Pecos River at FM 1053 NE of Imperial

Pecos River at SH 18 SSW of Grandfalls

Pecos River at FM 1776 SW of Monahans

Pecos River near Pecos, Texas

Pecos River near Mentone, Texas

Pecos River at FM 652 bridge NE of Orla

Pecos River 1.6 mi upstream of US 290, SE of Sheffield


Pecos River approx. 2.98km upstream of the confluence with Independence Creek

Kokernot Spring at Intersection of Alpine Creek and Hendryx Drive/Harrison Street/Sh 223 and 40 Meters East of the Kokernot Lodge on Sul Ross University Campus in Alpine

Segment 2312 - Red Bluff Reservoir

Station ID

Station Description

Red Bluff Reservoir above dam, north of Orla

Red Bluff Reservoir 1/2 mile south of Texas - New Mexico border

Segment 2313 - San Felipe Creek - Tributary of the Rio grande

Station ID

Station Description

San Felipe Creek at Guyler confluence with the Rio Grande

San Felipe Creek at West Springs, near West Wells in Del Rio

San Felipe Creek at Blue Hole flood gates in park between US90 bridge and Southern Pacific RR bridge in Del Rio

Segment 2314 - Rio Grande above International Dam

Station ID

Station Description


Rio Grand at American Eagle Brick Factory

Rio Grande at Anapra Bridge


Rio Grande at Courchesne Bridge, 1.7 mi upstream of American Dam


Rio Grande at Borderland Bridge

Rio Grande at Vinton Bridge

Rio Grande upstream of East Drain

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