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What Can I do?

Are you interested in how you can make a difference in the water quality of the Rio Grande Basin? Here are some ways for you to make a difference:

  • Maintain your septic tank on a regular basis, especially if you live near the river, because bacteria can seep into the ground and into the waterway. Here's some good information about maintinaing septics from Texasseptic.com
  • Clean up your dog's doo when you take him out. 1 gram of dog poo has 20 million bacteria colonies!
  • See our brochure on drinking water for other things you can do about chemicals, fertizlier, etc
  • Visit our Participation page for information on public meetings and committees
  • Adopt a section of the Rio Grande through the IBWC Adopt-a-River Program, or have river cleanups through your local Keep Texas Beautiful organization
  • Join your local watershed group.
  • Visit EPA's Surf Your Watershed for resources in your area
  • Visit EPA's Adopt Your Watershed for ways you can participate in your local watershed
  • If you are farmer or rancher with land by the river, learn about Best Management Practices that can help eliminate runoff from your land into the waterway
  • Reduce erosion of your home and community by planting native plants and vegetation buffers
  • Become a Texas Watershed Steward
  • If you are a teacher, check out these water education resources for teachers! Cool programs such as Project WET and activities for kids from EPA and USGS are great resources!
  • Contact us for more information
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