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Colorado River Citizens Forum Meetings

The Colorado River Citizens Forum was established in 2003 to facilitate the exchange of information between the USIBWC and members of the public about Commission activities in Yuma County, Arizona and Imperial County, California.  Below are Minutes and Presentations of current meetings of the CRCF. See past minutes and presentations here.Contact Public Affairs Office

Meeting Announcements


The Colorado River Citizens Forum meeting scheduled for April 22 is postponed until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact Lori Kuczmanski (915) 832-4106 for more information.

                          Meeting Minutes

1/22/20 - Press Release & Agenda 

10/28/19 - Press Release & Agenda

7/30/19 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

4/11/19 - Press Release & Agenda  / Minutes

10/24/18 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

7/25/18 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

4/25/18 - Press Release & Agenda

1/24/18 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

10/25/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

7/26/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

4/26/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

1/25/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

1/22/20 Meeting Presentations
Colorado River Basin: System Status and Outlook

10/28/19 Meeting Presentations

New River Water Quality
Fish Presentation
Sediment Removal - URG
New River CF

7/30/19 Meeting Presentations
LBDCP - An Arizona Perspective
Impacts of the LBDCP on Yuma County Agriculture

4/24/19 Meeting Presentation
Accounting for Lower Colorado River Water
Salton Sea Management Program

10/24/18 Meeting Presentations
Drought Contingency Plan
New River Improvement Project

7/25/18 Meeting Presentations
History Overview
Yuma Field Office
Board Members Duties

4/25/18 Meeting Presentations
Agricultural Crop & Livestock Report 2016
A Review of the Imperial Irrigation District's Biological Control Program

1/24/18 Meeting Presentations
Vegetation Management
CRB: System Status Update and Outlook 2018/2019

10/25/17 Meeting Presentations
Minute 323 on US-Mexico Colorado River Cooperation
Salton Sea Air Quality Mitigation Program

7/26/17 Meeting Presentations
YMIDD/CAGRD Pilot Fallowing Program
Aquatic Invasive Species

4/26/17 Meeting Presentations
New River
Salton Sea Management Program

1/25/17 Meeting Presentations
ADEQ's Drinking Water Programs
Colorado River Basin: System Status Update and Drought Response Activities