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Colorado River Citizens Forum Meetings

The Colorado River Citizens Forum was established in 2003 to facilitate the exchange of information between the USIBWC and members of the public about Commission activities in Yuma County, Arizona and Imperial County, California.  Below are Minutes and Presentations of current meetings of the CRCF. See past minutes and presentations here.Contact Public Affairs Office

Meeting Announcements


The Colorado River Citizens Forum next meeting is scheduled for January 9, 2020, 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Yuma, AZ (Exact location TBD). Please contact Lori Kuczmanski (915) 832-4106 for more information.

                          Meeting Minutes

10/24/19 - Press Relase & Agenda

7/30/19 - Press Release & Agenda

4/11/19 - Press Release & Agenda

10/24/18 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

7/25/18 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

4/25/18 - Press Release & Agenda

1/24/18 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

10/25/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

7/26/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

4/26/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

1/25/17 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

9/28/16 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

6/8/2016 - Minutes

3/9/16 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

9/9/15 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

6/10/15 - Press Release & Agenda

3/11/15 - Press Release & Agenda

12/17/14 -Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

9/10/14 -Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

3/5/14 - Press Release & Agenda

12/18/13 - Press Release & Agenda

9/11/13 -Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

6/12/13 - Minutes

12/5/12 -Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

9/12/2012 Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

6/13/12 -Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

3/7/12 - Press Release & Agenda

12/07/11 - Press Release & Agenda| Minutes

9/07/11 - Press Release & Agenda | Minutes

5/25/2011 - El Centro, CA

3/4/2011 - Yuma, AZ

12/2/2010 - El Centro, CA

9/1/2010 - Yuma, AZ

6/7/2010 - El Centro, CA

3/8/2010 -  Yuma, AZ

9/1/09 - Yuma, AZ

5/11/09 - El Centro, CA

03/03/08 - Calexico, CA

LBDCP - An Arizona Perspective
Impacts of the LBDCP on Yuma County Agriculture

4/24/19 Meeting Presentation
Accounting for Lower Colorado River Water
Salton Sea Management Program

10/24/18 Meeting Presentations
Drought Contingency Plan
New River Improvement Project

7/25/18 Meeting Presentations
History Overview
Yuma Field Office
Board Members Duties

4/25/18 Meeting Presentations
Agricultural Crop & Livestock Report 2016
A Review of the Imperial Irrigation District's Biological Control Program

1/24/18 Meeting Presentations
Vegetation Managment
CRB: System Status Update and Outlook 2018/2019

10/25/17 Meeting Presentations
Minute 323 on US-Mexico Colorado River Cooperation
Salton Sea Air Quality Mitigation Program

7/26/17 Meeting Presentations
YMIDD/CAGRD Pilot Fallowing Program
Aquatic Invasive Species

4/26/17 Meeting Presentations
New River
Salton Sea Management Program

1/25/17 Meeting Presentations
ADEQ's Drinking Water Programs
Colorado River Basin: System Status Update and Drought Response Activities

9/28/2016 Meeting Presentations
Drain Sanitation Sonoran Institute
New River Improvement Project - Strategic Plan

6/8/2016 Meeting Presentaitons
Board Member Orientation
Yuma, Arizona Field Office
History and Projects of the IBWC

3/9/16 Meeting Presentations
Water Delivery and Salinity Management
U.S. - Mexico Colorado River Agreements

9/9/15 Meeting Presentations
Remote Sensing & Evapotranspiration Estimates
Status of Salton Sea
Colorado River Basin

6/10/15 Meeting Presentations
California Drought Update
Economic Importance of CO River to Basin Region
New River Cleanup - Progress & Emerging Threats

3/11/2015 Meeting Presentations
Moving Forward after CR Basin Study

12/17/14 Meeting Presentations
Imperial Irrigation District Fallowing Report
Reclamation: Colorado River Basin Update
Imperial Valley Equitable Distribution Plan

9/10/14 Meeting Presentations
CAGRD Field Verification Update
Considering Water for the Environment in AZ

6/11/14 Meeting Presentations
Minute 319 Pulse Flow

3/5/14 Meeting Presentations
Overview of Commission History, Mission and Projects
Yuma Project
New Member Orientation

9/11/13 Meeting Presentations
Colorado River Basin: System Status Update
Restoration Efforts Along the Lower CO River

6/12/13 Meeting Presentations
New River Improvement Project Status Update
New River-Mexicali Sanitation Program

6/13/12 Meeting Presentations
Restoration Projects in the Colorado River Delta by Francisco Arroyo
Quantification Settlement Agreement Status Report
Implementing Your WPP - Arroyo Colorado Case Study by Jaime Flores

3/7/12 Meeting Presentations
U.S. - Mexico Joint Cooperative Process by Sally Spener
Laguna Division Conservation Area
Master Planning International Watershed Initiative by Gabriel Duran
Environmental Monitoring of the Cienega de Santa Clara, a Mexican Wetland

12/07/11 Meeting Presentations
IBWC History, Mission, Projects by Sally Spener
Yuma, AZ Project Office
Colorado River CF Board Orientation

9/7/11 Meeting Presentations
Binational Pilot Project

Yuma East Wetlands

5/25/11 Meeting Presentations
New River Strategic Plan
New River Wetlands Project, Improving the Quality of Water
U.S.-Mexico Colorado River Joint Cooperative Process

3/2/2011 Meeting Presentations
Refuge Management Restoration
Laguna Burned Area Rehab. Project

12/2/2010 Meeting Presentations
Storage of Salton Sea Mitigation Water
Raw Wastewater Spill Due to Failures at Pump Station No. 4
Status Report: New River Improvement Efforts

6/9/2010 Meeting Presentations
Yuma East Wetlands Restoration Project
Lower Colorado Dam's Quagga Mussel Assessment and Potential Control/Preventive Program by Reclamation
The Colorado River:  Operation and Current Conditions by Reclamation

9/01/2010 Meeting Presentations
Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program
Status of the Pilot Run of the Yuma Desalting Plant
Lower Colorado River Multi-Species Conservation Program
Bureau of Reclamation Status of the Pilot Run of the Yuma Desalting Plant

Easter Earthquake Damage & Repairs - from June 7, 2010 Photos

Informe de Daños en Infraestructura en el Distrito de Riego 014, Rio Colorado por el Terremoto del 4 de Abril de 2010

Obras para la mitigacion de los daños ocasionados por el Terremoto del 4 de Abril de 2010 en el valle de Mexicali

Water Quality Sampling on the New River - from June 7, 2010

New River Pollution from Mexico from June 7, 2010

Yuma Wetlands Project Update from March 8, 2010

Start up of the Yuma Desalting Plant from March 8, 2010

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act Projects from March 8, 2010

Calexico New River Committee Presentation from December 14, 2009

QSA Water Transfer Mitigation Program from December 14, 2009

Drop 2 Storage Reservoir Project Construction Status from December 14, 2009

Yuma Project Office by Anna Morales from September 1, 2009

Colorado River Citizens Forum Orientation by Sally Spener, PAO from September 1, 2009

Drop 2 Storage Reservoir Construction Project by Michael E. Vandervelde, P.E. from May 11, 2009

All-American Canal Lining Project by Vikki Dee Bradshaw from May 11, 2009

Improving the Quality of Mexicali Effluent: Design and Implementation Plan for a Treatment Wetland by Francisco Zamora-Arroyo from May 11, 2009

Yuma East Wetlands Restoration Project from June 9th meeting

Lower Colorado Dam's Quagga Mussel Assessment and Potential Control/Preventive Program by Reclamation at June 9th meeting.

The Colorado River:  Operation and Current Conditions by Reclamation at June 9th meeting