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USIBWC Citizens Forum in San Diego

This USIBWC Citizens Forum (CF) was established in 2002 to facilitate the exchange of information between the USIBWC and members of the public about Commission activities in San Diego County, California. The CF is intended to bring together community members enabling the early and continued two-way flow of information, concerns, values, and needs between the USIBWC and the general public, environmentalists, government agencies, municipalities, and other interested parties. Below are Minutes and Presentations of previous meetings of the CF.

SD Forum Board Member Application

The USIBWC is seeking applicants to serve on the USIBWC Citizens Forum Board. Application is available below.


             Meeting Announcements


The next meeting of the San Diego Citizens Forum is March 2, 5:30-7:30 p.m. PST via virtual meeting. Please contact Sally Spener at (915) 503-5542 for more information.

Link Dial In Time/Date

Dial-In Phone Number
+1 872-240-1286

Phone Conference ID: 360 866 966#


March 2, 2023, 5:30 - 7:30 PST


Meeting Minutes

10/21/2022 - Press Release & Agenda

7/14/2022 - Press Release & Agenda

11/4/2021 - Press Release & Agenda

7/1/2021 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

3/4/2021 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

11/5/2020 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

7/2/2020 - Press Release & Agenda

3/5/2020 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

12/5/2019 - Press Release & Agenda

9/12/2019 - Press Release & Agenda

6/6/2019 - Press Release & Agenda

3/7/2019 - Press Release & Agenda

12/6/2018 - Press Release & Agenda

9/6/2018 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

6/7/2018 - Press Release & Agenda

3/1/2018 - Press Release & Agenda

12/7/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

9/7/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

6/1/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

3/2/2017 - Press Release & Agenda / Minutes

Presentations for March 2, 2023:
TJ River Sediment Management Work Plan Overview
SBIWTP Update Status of PB1B TJ Transboundary Flows
SBIWTP Status Udate

Presentations for November 3, 2022:
SDFO Citizens Forum Presentation
SBIWTP Assessment

Presentations for July 14, 2022:
San Diego Field Office Update
Ocean Monitoring Program - SD Coastal Region

Presentations for April 21, 2022:
USIBWC Update regarding the settlement agreement and efforts under the USMCA agreement.

Presentations for March 3, 2022:
Modeling Untreated Wastewater Evolution and Swimmer Illness for Four Wastewater Infrastructure Scenarios in the San Diego-Tijuana (US/MX) Border Region
Update on Recent Transboundary Flows
San Diego Field Office Updates

Presentations for November 4, 2021:
PB CILA Pump Station Upgrades to Reduce Transboundary Flow
United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement Projects in the Tijuana River Watershed
Tijuana River Valley Water Quality & Sediment Management

Presentations for July 1, 2021:
USMCA Tijuana River Watershed
San Diego Field Office Activities

Presentations of 3/4/2021:
San Diego Office Activities Update
Building Stronger and Healthier Communities

Presentations of 11/5/2020:
IBWC Binational Study of the Tijuana River and Adjacent Canyons and Drains
Improvements to Mexico’s Wastewater Pumping Infrastructure in the Tijuana River Basin

Presentations of 7/2/2020:
USMCA Implementation Strategy
Overview of San Diego Office

Presentations of 3/5/2020:
IBWC History
CF Orientation

Presentations of 12/5/2019:
The Tijuana River Valley
Treatment of TRV Sewage Spills and Storm Water Surges with Electrocoagulation (EC) and Micro-algae Lagoons
The Future of the Tijuana River

Presentations of 9/12/2019:
Tijuana River Basin Project and Program Status
Assessing Projects to Improve Water Quality in the Tijuana River Valley

Presentations of 6/6/2019:
Tijuana River Diversion Study

Presentations of 3/7/2019:
Tijuana River Basin Project and Program Status
Dedina IBWC

Presentations of 12/6/2018:
Binational Water Quality Study of the Tijuana River and Canyons
San Diego Project Status

Presentations of 9/6/2018:
Protecting San Diego's Coastal Waters
San Diego Project Status

Presentations of 6/7/2018:
IB Coastal Plan
San Diego Beach County Monitoring

Presentations of 3/1/2018:
USIBWC Citizens Forum Orientation by Carlos Pena, Area Operations Manager, San Diego
USIBWC Citizens Forum Orientation by Lori Kuczmanski, Public Affairs Officer
San Ysidro Land Port of Entry Expansion & Reconfiguration

Presentations of 12/7/2017
Tijuana River Watershed Efforts
Minute 320 Update - Steve Smullen, Area Operations Manager, San Diego

Presentations of 9/7/2017
Coupled Research & Management at the Tijuana Estuary
Update - Minute 320 - Water Quality Workgroup

Presentations of 6/1/2017
Tijuana River Wastewater Spill Investigation February 2017
Building a Sustainable Water Future in the Tijuana-San Diego Region
Update - Minute 320 - Water Quality WorkGroup

Presentation of 3/2/2017
Trash Tracking Project