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Southeast Arizona Citizens Forum Meetings

The Southeast Arizona Citizens Forum (SACF), is a group established in 2005 to promote the exchange of information regarding USIBWC activities in Southeast Arizona. All SACF meetings are open to the public and act as a focal point for the exchange of information between the USIBWC and the local community regarding ongoing and futureUSIBWC projects in the area. Below are Minutes and Presentations of previous meetings of the SACF. Contact Public Affairs Office

              Meeting Announcements


The next meeting of the Southeast Arizona Citizens Forum will be December 12, 2019, Location Regional Wastewater Reclamation Dept. Water Campus, 2955 W. Calle Agua Nueva, Tucson, Arizona 85745 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm. Please contact Lori Kuczmanski (915) 832-4106 for more information.

Presentations from 9/12/2019
Los Alisos WWTP
Per- and Poly-fluoralkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Environment

Presentations from 3/21/2019
Transboundary Flow Mitigation, Naco, Sonora
Stormwater Recharge to Benefit the San Pedro River near Sierra Vista, AZ

Presentations from 12/6/18 Meeting:
Catalyzing Projects to Assist Naco, Sonora to Migtigate Transboundary Flows to Arizona
The Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program

Presentations from 9/13/18 Meeting:
Source Characterization of Metals in Ambos Nogales Wastewater
A Living River

Presentations from 6/14/18 Meeting:
Water Management Group - Opportunities for Stormwater to Restore Community and Riparian Health
Callegary Transboundary Aquifer Assessment and Minute 323

Presentations from 3/15/18 Meeting:
Nogales Field Office Orientation
USIBWC Citizens Forum Orientation
IBWC History and Activities

Presentations from 9/21/17 Meeting:
Small Water Systems Fund: Enhacements to Help Rural Arizona (HB2094)
Nogales International Sanitation Project: History and Overview

Presentations from 6/15/17 Meeting:
ADWR Future Work Update
ADEQ Environmental Strategic Plan

Presentations from 3/17/17 Meeting:
Proactive Screening for Lead in Drinking Water at Schools
San Miguel Gate Update

Presentations from 12/15/16 Meeting:
Rehabilitation of the Arroyo Internacional Tunnel in Nogales Sonora
Nogales DeConcini Land Port of Entry Tunnel Study
Cured in Place Pipe - Pipeline Rehabilitation

Presentations from 9/15/16 Meeting:
Rehabilitation Improvements for the Nogales Trunkline and International Outfall Interceptor (IOI)
Pena Blanca Highlands Force Main Repair at Potrero Creek

Presentation from 6/16/16 Meeting:
Monitoring and Modeling-Aridland Water Harvesting Study

Presentation from 3/31/16 Meeting:
History and Projects of the USIBWC
Citizens Forum Orientation

Presentation from 3/19/15 Meeting:
Buena Vista Mine - A Case Study
Stormwater Management for Douglas - Agua Prieta
El Pilar Mine

Presentation from 9/18/14 Meeting:
Drought Management Challenges
GCASE Update

Presentation from 3/20/14 Meeting:
Rehabilitation of IOI in Santa Cruz County

Presentations from 12/19/13 Meeting:
Groundwater, Climate and Stakeholder Engagement (GCASE) for Water Resources Planning and Management
Design Services for the Rehabilitation of International Outfall Interceptor in Santa Cruz County, Arizona
Strategic Vision for Water Supply Sustainability

Presentations from 9/18/13 Meeting:
An Overview of the Douglas/Agua Prieta Watershed

Presentations from 3/14/13 Meeting:
Commission Mission, History and Activities
Forum Board Orientation

Presentations from 7/12/12 Meeting:
FERC Pre-Filing Review for the SASABE Lateral Project
SASABE Lateral Project

Presentations from 04/12/12 Meeting:
Land Boundary Monument Rehabilitation Project
San Pedro Targeted Watershed E. coli Reduction Project

Presentations from 01/12/12 Meeting:
Status of the Nogales Wash, Flooding & Planning Concerns by Don Atwood
Master Planning International Watershed Initiative by Gabriel Duran
SCAMA/Nogales Water Storage Study by John Hoffman
BECC Arizona & Sonora Project Status

Status of International Outfall Interceptor Sewer Pipe in Nogales, AZ of October 13, 2011

Transboundary Aquifer Assessment Program, Update of 7/14/11

Sky Island Alliance Borderlands Presentation of 7/14/11

Hydrologic Evolution of San Pedro River by Ben Lomeli of 7/14/11 meeting

Southeast AZ Citizens Forum Orientation

Impact of Industrial Pollutants upon the NIWTP from 4/7/11

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