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Emergency Management Program

The U.S. IBWC Emergency Management Program (EMP) was created to keep the public informed of current and contingent emergency operations that may be undertaken by the IBWC in case of an emergency or in accordance with our Emergency Management Exercise Schedule.

Situation Reports

There are no situation reports available at this time.

Disaster Checklists

Emergency Preparedness


Threat Scenario Information

Basic Emergency Supply Kit Checklist

Nuclear Blast

Disaster Supplies Checklist


Radiation Threat

Disaster Readiness Fact Kit


Biological Threat

Family Emergency Plan


Chemical Threat

Preparing Pets for Emergencies



Helpful Links

Pandemic Flu

West Gulf River Forecast Center

Quake Smart


Texas Division of Emergency Management

Texas Association of Regional Councils


Texas Commission on Environmental Quality

Texas Homeland Security


Contact Information

Aaron Haynes, Safety Security and Emergency Management Division (Emergency Manager)
Office: 915.832.4782

Mario Castro, Occupational Safety and Health Manager (Emergency Coordinator)
Office: 915.832.4788