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Flood Control Levee Systems

Tijuana River  
Under the terms of the 1944 Treaty relating to the Tijuana River, the IBWC in 1967 (IBWC Minute 225 of June 19, 1967) recommended to the two Governments and they approved a joint project for the control of floods on the Tijuana River in the United States and Mexico for protection of developments near the boundary in the City of San Diego, California and in the City of Tijuana, Baja California.  More Information

Rio Grande Flood Control System
The United States Section of the International Boundary & Water Commission (USIBWC) operates and maintains three flood control systems on the Rio Grande.  These flood control systems are: the Upper Rio Grande Flood Control System, Presidio Valley Flood Control System, and the Lower Rio Grande Flood Control System. More Information

Rio Grande Canalization
The Rio Grande Canalization Project provides flood protection against a 100-year flood and assures releases of waters to Mexico from the upstream reservoirs in accordance with the 1906 Convention between the United States and Mexico. | More Information

Lower Rio Grande
The Lower Rio Grande Flood Control System contains 270 miles of U.S. flood control levee along the Rio Grande, interior floodways, and the Arroyo Colorado in Texas.  Flood control works along the Rio Grande include 102 miles of levees and floodplain from Peñitas, Texas to beyond Brownsville, Texas. More Information

Maps depicting Status of USIBWC Levee Improvement Projects
Geotechnical Evaluation of the Brownsville Levee Cracking and Partial Slope Failure
Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project - 2003 Hydraulic Study Report