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Hydro-Electric Power Plants and Storage Dams

Amistad Dam and Power Plant, Del Rio, Texas

Amistad Dam is the largest of the storage dams and reservoirs built on the Amistad Dam & Power Plantinternational reach of the Rio Grande River. The dam was dedicated in 1969 by United States President Richard M. Nixon and Mexico President Diaz Ordaz.

The primary purpose for which Amistad Dam was constructed is flood control and water conservation storage for the benefit of the United States and Mexico. The dam is 6.1 miles (10 km) long, stands 254 feet (77.4 meters) above the riverbed and consists of a concrete gravity spillway section within the river canyon flanked by earth embankments. The dam has sixteen (16) spillway gates capable of releasing 1,500,000 cubic feet (42,670 cubic meters) per second.  The dam is operated and maintained jointly by the United States and Mexico Sections of the IBWC. More Amistad Dam Information

                                                                                                   Rio Grande Reservoir Storage Conditions

Falcon Dam and Power Plant, Falcon, Texas

Falcon Dam and Power PlantFalcon Dam is the lowermost major multipurpose international dam and reservoir on the Rio Grande. As an organizational unit of the U.S. Section, the function is to control and regulate the flow of international waters and to provide a means of contributing to the mutual welfare of Mexico and the United States, in compliance with various existing treaties. In conjunction with irrigation, domestic and flood releases, the project generates electricity through the hydroelectric generating plant. More Amistad Dam Information