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American Dam

  • Blue - DSAC IV – PRIORITY (Marginally Safe)
    American Dam

The 5-year Dam Safety inspection report by the USACE identified seepage boils present at the end of the secondary apron with minimal hydrostatic head.  There is a possibility of increase in seepage with piping with the increase in hydrostatic head.  USACE recommended that an under seepage analysis study be performed on the dam, and corrective action be made based on the results of the study.  Furthermore, all the radial gates need some repairs and a few need to be replaced.  Currently the dam has a hazard potential classification of “Low.”  The U.S. Section of IBWC has sole responsibility for making all the repairs. 

In FY 2008 the agency hired the USACE to perform a seepage study of the foundation and to provide corrective actions based on the results of the investigations.  The final results of the study recommended that the secondary apron be replaced.  Currently, funds are not available for the repairs.  The agency is planning to initiate a design project for the replacement of the secondary apron in FY 2010, and projects construction in FY 2011 depending on the availability of funds.  The replacement of the radial gate Nos. 1 through 3 was completed at a cost of $570,000.  The remaining gates are projected to be replaced /repaired in FY 2010 and FY 2014 depending on the availability of funds. 

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