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Anzalduas Dam

  • Blue – DSAC IV – PRIORITY (Marginally Safe)
    Anzalduas Dam

The project appears in good visual condition and appears on the surface to be also generally well maintained.  The 5-year Dam Safety inspection report concluded that the dam is marginally safe, and the electrical/mechanical and geotechnical/structural recommendations in the report need to be implemented within a reasonable time frame.  The primary recommendations includes the removal of several sand bars, sedimentation, vegetation growth located in the central portion discharge channel and on the upstream left of the approach channel.  Based on the USACE evaluation, Anzalduas Dam was rated as Dam Safety Action Class IV (DSAC-IV, Priority-Marginally Safe).  The dam currently has a hazard potential classification of “High.”

The following projects were completed in FY 2008:

1) Removal and installation work involved with the emergency backup power generator and switchgear ($105K)

2) Upgraded of control panels on pier No. 4 ($166,164).

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