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Falcom Dam

  • Yellow - DSAC III – HIGH PRIORITY (Conditionally Unsafe) 
    Falcon Dam

The project appears in excellent visual condition and appears on the surface to be generally well maintained.  The inspection report identified numerous items related to the seepage collection and pressure relief systems in need of evaluation and repair or replacement.  Based on the USACE evaluation, Falcon Dam was rated as Dam Safety Action Class III (DSAC-III, High Priority-Conditionally Unsafe).  The 5-year Dam Safety inspection report recommended that the entire dam foundation is in need of further investigation, evaluation, and study.  This recommendation is based on foundation seepage, sulfates in the foundation seepage, and the lack of current seepage and stability analyses information for the dam.  The dam currently has a hazard potential classification of “High.”

A $667,538 project to replace "dam crest roadway guard rails" was completed in FY 2008.  The U.S. Section anticipates the purchase of additional  Emergency (Stockpile) rip rap material for Falcon dam in FY2009, and the Commission is planning to extend the authority of it's current "expert panel" to initiate preliminary investigations and evaluation of Falcon Dam in FY2009.

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