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Morelos Dam

  • Green - DSAC V – NORMAL (Safe)
    Morelos Dam

During the 5-year Dam Safety inspection, the bi-national technical advisors identified large amounts of sedimentation and vegetation growth, which has essentially buried the uncontrolled portion of the spillway and a large portion of the control section both upstream and downstream.  They recommended the removal of the sediment and vegetation as soon as practical.  Furthermore, all the radial gates need some repairs.  Currently the dam has a hazard potential classification of “Low.”  The Mexican Section of IBWC has sole responsibility for making all the repairs.  

In FY 2009 a project was funded by the U.S. Section thru a Mexican Contract for sedimentation and vegetation removal upstream and downstream of the Morelos dam.  The $1,158,950 dredging project was completed to the extent necessary to restore the floodway channel capacity to its original flood design channel capacity of 140,000 cubic feet per second to meet international treaty requirements.  The project removed over 260,000 cubic yards of material.  

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