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Retamal Dam

  • Yellow - DSAC III – HIGH PRIORITY (Conditionally Unsafe)
    Retamal Diversion Dam 

The project appears in good visual condition and appears on the surface to be generally well maintained.  The 5-year Dam Safety inspection report concluded that the dam is conditionally unsafe, and the electrical/mechanical and geotechnical/structural recommendations in the report need to be implemented within a reasonable time frame.  The primary concern at Retamal Dam is the design of the center gate mechanism, which currently makes the radial gate oscillate during high flow conditions.  The radial gate mechanism needs re-designing.  Based on the USACE evaluation, Retamal Dam was rated as Dam Safety Action Class III (DSAC-III, High Priority-Conditionally Unsafe).  The dam currently has a hazard potential classification of “Significant.” 

Recommendations identified in the 2007 5-year Dam Safety inspection report are scheduled to be addressed in FY 2010.  The agency is planning the following projects:  1) Initiate the design for the new hoist machinery bridge (center radial gate), 2) Design/construct drains upstream and downstream for retaining walls for each abutment, and 3) design and construct a maintenance shop building, and replace back-up power equipment and switch gear.  These entire projects are depending on the availability of funds.   The construction work pertaining to the center radial gate mechanism (to correct the oscillation of the center radial gate) is schedule for FY 2011.

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