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Records Management Office

The USIBWC Recoreds Managmeent Office (RMO) is the United States Section's official, secure resource for cataloging, indexing, and preserving official correspondence, records, and historical data of the USIBWC.

Through the years, the USIBWC has accrued a large and diverse volume of historical, technical, and administrative documents and reports. These documents are available for reading at the RMO library by request only. A large selection of maps and photographs are also available. These historical documents include but are not limited to the following areas:

History of the IBWC

Boundary Preservation and Restoration Projects

Chamizal Project

Amistad and Falcon Dams Projects

American Canal Extension

Canalization and Rectification Projects

Lower Rio Grande Flood Control Project

South Bay International Wastewater Treatment Plant

Other Border Sanitation Projects and Agreements

Nogales Flood Control and Sanitation Projects

Visitation to the Records Library may be arranged by calling 915-832-4720. Also, you can visit the FOIA website here.

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