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Administration Department

 The Administration Department provides administrative support to the agency's engineering functions through five offices: Acquisitions, Budget, Realty and Asset Managment Division, Finance and Accounting  Division and Information Management Division, which oversees the Records Management Office.  The Department was realigned in early 2001 to more effectively disburse its services. This effort coincided with President Bush's principles of Government management reform which will result in a Government that is: (1) citizen centered (not bureaucracy centered), (2) results oriented; and (3) market-based (actively promoting rather than stifling innovation through competition).  Accordingly, this Department will lead the way to implement the President's management reform agenda with the following action plans: (1) presenting recommendations to remedy existing statutory impediments and structural barriers to effective management; (2) identifying suggested improvements to superfluous or redundant management of federal programs administered by several agencies; (3) implementation of an organizational structure or confirmation that the new realignment offers a flatter (less supervision and more service providers), well coordinated, efficient, and harmonious organization which emphasizes meeting the needs of the American public while strengthening employees' capabilities; (4) develop a performance based budget which will evaluate all activities in order to identify effective programs requiring continued funding as well as mismanaged, wasteful, or duplicative government programs requiring redesign or elimination. In order to provide the most efficient services for this agency, the Administration Department will focus on maintaining service delivery, both internally and externally, at a most courteous and helpful manner. The Department is committed to helping its customers achieve desired results instead of placing impediments to progress. All this will be accomplished by placing utmost importance to the professional and personal development of each staff member.  Contact the Administration Department

Acquisitions Office
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Budget Office
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Finance and Accounting Division
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Realty and Asset Management Division 
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Information Management Division
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