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Budget Division

 Mission Statement

The Budget Office is responsible for development and oversight of the agency’s operating budget. Insures that appropriated funds are allocated in a legal, responsible, and fair manner as mandated by Congress. Monitors execution of the budget to ensure cost center managers do not exceed allocations

What We Do

  1. Review and validate budget requests submitted by agency cost center managers.  Develop and formulate consolidated agency budget for presentation to Department of State.  Write and present budget justifications.  
  2. Allocate funds to various organizations within the agency.
  3. Advise Commissioner and department heads on all budgetary matters.
  4. Review and analyze execution of the agency’s budget. Identify funding shortfalls and/or excesses and make recommendations to management.
  5. Review budget execution documents for propriety (travel orders, purchase requests, personnel actions).  Certify availability of funds for each document submitted.
  6. Enter commitment and obligation documents into Federal Financial System (FFS).
  7. Prepare monthly budget execution and expenditure reports for each organization within the agency.
  8. Monitor and research unliquidated obligations to insure timely deobligation of unliquidated balances that will not be used.

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