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Finance and Accounting Division

Our mission is to provide timely and accurate Payroll, Accounting, and Financial services to the agency and its personnel. NOTICE TO ORGANIZATIONS MAKING PAYMENT TO USIBWC BY CHECK: The USIBWC will be converting to Paper Check Conversion (PPC) effective July 22, 2003 for Accounts Receivable.  See Required Disclosure and FAQ about this program.

Personnel Support Services Provided by the Financial Services Division:

  1. All Payroll Services/Interior Business Center
  2. Travel Reimbursement Services
  3. Vendor Payment Services
  4. Accounts Receivable Billings/Collections
  5. Maintenance of accounting and depreciation records for the agency's real and personal property, plant accounts, and capitalized equipment
  6. Maintenance of accounting records for agency's construction project appropriations/authorizations, obligations, and expenditures
  7. Maintenance of accounting and budgetary records for agency's internal budget and planning efforts.
  8. Preparation and Submission of agency's annual financial statements

    Checking on a payment or check received? Please contact Melody Wright, 915-832-4134.

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