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Information Management Division

The Information Management Division is one of four offices within the IBWC’s Administration Department. This division manages Information Technology (IT) resources for the agency. In particular, it provides customer support, network administration, web site design and maintenance, application & operating system software support, hardware support, technical research, consulting support and has developed the agency's electronic records management system.

The Information Management Division along with the IBWC have donated thousands of dollars in computer equipment to local schools and other charitable organizations. Please follow this link to learn how to receive donated IT equipment for your organization or contact Rudy Gonzalez for more information.

U.S. IBWC Privacy Impact Assessments

Federal agencies are required by law to ensure the protection of the personally identifiable information (PII) they collect, store, and transmit. With a thriving digital economy, agencies are collecting ever-larger amounts of personal information unlike ever before. Instances of past abuse, misuse, and egregious errors in federal agencies' management of personal information, combined with growing public concern about the U.S. Government's ability to protect their private information, have increased congressional scrutiny and expectations for compliance with federal privacy laws and regulations. Protection of the Government's vast accumulation of personal information begins with the responsibility of federal employees at all levels and in all positions.

The U.S. IBWC is responsible for ensuring proper protections of the information contained within its information systems, including PII. To that end, the Agency developed a Privacy Impact Methodology to assess whether a system that contains PII meets legal privacy requirements. The findings of the assessments are outlined in the following Privacy Impact Assessment Reports:

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Geographic Information Systems

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