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Falcon Dam & Power Plant

                            Falcon Dam
Falcon Dam is the lowermost major multipurpose international dam and reservoir on the Rio Grande. As an organizational unit of the U.S. Section, the function is to control and regulate the flow of international waters and to provide a means of contributing to the mutual welfare of Mexico and the United States, in compliance with various existing treaties. In conjunction with irrigation, domestic and flood releases, the project generates electricity through the hydroelectric generating plant. The project also provides support and maintenance for a small village. Click here to see the current Falcon Reservoir Storage.  View the Joint Report of the Technical Advisors of the IBWC regarding the Geotechnical, Electrical, Mechanical and Structural Safety of Falcon Dam

Functions include:

  • Control flood water in such a way as to maximize waters available to the two nations for agricultural, private and industrial use and minimize flood damage.
  • Operation and maintenance of a Hydroelectric generating plant.
  • Monitors and collects structure data for Falcon Dam Safety of Dams Program.
  • Coordinates U.S. Section operations with other U.S. and Mexican Section counterparts.
  • Serves as the control point for flood releases of internationally owned waters.
  • Responsible for the operation and maintenance of Falcon Dam and Village.
  • Maintains a License and Lease Program for all U.S. Government owned lands around the reservoir.
  • Coordinates the local state and government agencies; public and private organizations; and the general public on matters relating to the operation and maintenance of the project.
  • Operation and maintenance of river gaging stations.
  • Participates in and collects samples for the river water quality programs.

    Download the official IBWC Falcon Dam and Reservoir Brochure (18MB)

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