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Operations Department

The primary function of the Principal Engineer, Operations is to guide and direct all field activities of the USIBWC. The Principal Engineer of the Operations Department occupies a position established by treaty between the United States and Mexico and is responsible for guiding, directing, coordinating managing all USIBWC hydrographic, hydrologic, and water accounting activities, project planning and development, field operation, boundary monumentation, Realty functions, Security Operations, Occupational Safety and Health, activities, and operations and maintenance. The Office is also responsible for extensive negotiations, discussions, agreements, and joint operations involving other U.S. Federal agencies, domestic state and local governments, congressional offices, public interest groups, the Mexican Section and related Mexican agencies.

The Principal Engineer provides technical and policy advice to the United States Commissioner and monitors field activities of the USIBWC to assure adherence to treaty requirements.  Contact the Operations Department

Functions for which this office is responsible include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Development and issuance of management policy statements, guidance, and procedural manuals for all field activities and Headquarters’ engineering activities;
  2. Directing flood control activities;
  3. Providing assurance that USIBWC Headquarters engineering and field activities conform to the laws, rules and regulations which regulate all activities of the USIBWC;
  4. Serving as the USIBWC’s technical expert for the review and preparation of reports and recommendations regarding water accounting at all levels;
  5. Coordinating the project O&M and Hydrographic planning and development activities of the USIBWC;
  6. Assuring the development and issuance of the policy statements, guidance, and procedures for water operations and all field activities throughout the USIBWC; and
  7. Assuring the application of environmental regulations to all project activities including both construction and operation and maintenance functions.

Operating Status of the Field Offices

Facility Status Visitors Allowed
San Diego Field Office/South Bay International WWTP Operational No
Yuma Field Office Operational No
Nogales International WWTP Operational No
Las Cruces Facility Operational No
American Dam/Carlos Marin Facility Operational No
Ft. Hancock/Zacarias Dominguez Facility Operational No
Presidio Field Office Operational No
Amistad Dam Field Office Operational No
Amistad Dam Power Plant Operational No
Falcon Dam Field Office Operational No
Falcon Dam Power Plant Operational No
Laredo Field Office Operational No
Mercedes Field Office Operational No
Anzalduas Dam Operational No

Operations & Maintenance Division
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Boundary & Realty Office
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Occupational Safety & Health
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Office of the Commissioner
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