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Security Operations

“The mission of the Security Services Division (SSD) is to prevent terrorist attacks, reduce asset vulnerability to theft, protect organization employees, minimize the loss of life and damage to critical infrastructure, and recover from attacks or natural disasters should they occur.”
The SSD supports the USIBWC’s strategic goals by providing training, guidance and oversight of Security and Emergency Management programs to mitigate hazards and threats to USIBWC personnel, assets, and facilities.

The duties of the Security Services Division include, but are not limited to:

  • Insider Threat Program-Detection of potential or real insider threats to the agency or its personnel.
  • Personnel Security-Conducts background investigations of employees and contractors.
  • Physical Security-Provide policy and measures to deter and detect intruders at agency facilities.
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection-Provide protective measures, policy, and procedures. Conduct risk management methodologies to mitigate risk to agency infrastructure.
  • Anti-terrorism-Defensive measures used to reduce the vulnerability of personnel, assets, and agency facilities to terrorist acts, to include limited response and containment by agency security forces.
  • Intelligence/Information Sharing-Collaborate with other government agencies to ensure the real-time and relevant sharing of intelligence information that may affect agency operations.
  • Security Force Management-Train, equip, and employ armed federal response personnel to respond to safety, security, or emergency management incidents at various facilities and agency property.
  • Security Awareness & Training-Provide awareness and training for all agency employees, increasing their knowledge and ability to respond to security threats.
  • Emergency Management-Protect agency personnel, assets, and facilities by developing policy and procedures, coordinating with external entities, building, sustaining, and improving agency capabilities and ability to mitigate against, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.
  • Investigations-Provide the agency with an effective system of independent and objective internal oversight that is designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of agency’s operations in achieving its mission, goals, and objectives through the provision of investigation services.
  • Special Projects-Provide specialized support to agency missions through skilled program and project management.

Contact Information

Aaron Haynes, Chief, Security Services Division(Emergency Manager)
Office: 915.832.4782

VACANT, Assistant Chief Security Officer (Emergency Coordinator)
Office: 915.832.4178

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