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Occupational Safety and Health Program

The Occupational Safety and Health Program is a component of the Operations Department

The Safety and Health program has been developed to protect the safety and health of USIBWC employees, employees of other affected organizations when they are in USIBWC controlled workplaces, and the general public; minimize property damage, avoid unacceptable delays or negative impacts to the USIBWC due to accidents; and comply with applicable requirements related to Safety and Health issues. Provides the framework for development of procedures, manuals, rules, and programs necessary for implementation of an integrated Safety and Health program.

The duties of the Safety and Health Division include, but are not limited to:

  • Hazard Recognition and Control - The S&H program is a continuous effort to eliminate unsafe workplace conditions and control unsafe acts by employees.
  • Review Program - When designs, equipment/material specifications or operating plans are developed, the document originator will fully consider all S&H requirements in purchasing equipment, developing a design, or conducting an activity.
  • Hazard Analysis - A Preliminary Hazard Analysis is conducted prior to commencement of all large-scale projects to ascertain if there are risks that are unacceptable or that previously have not been recognized and evaluated.
  • Safety Procedures - The S&H Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining occupational safety procedures.
  • Work Site Control -Each work site is controlled by an O&M department. The field office organization that controls the work site will establish the appropriate safety procedures for the conduct of activity on that site and any necessary access controls for the site.
  • Industrial Hygiene Workplace Monitoring & Control Principles - Recognition of potential problems with Respiratory Protection, Hearing Conservation, Hazard Communication Program & Ergonomic Program and any environmental agents or conditions in workplaces that have the potential to cause adverse health effects is the first objective of the industrial hygiene program.

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