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Washington Liaison

The Special Assistant serves as a senior foreign policy adviserWashington DC to the U.S. Commissioner.  The Special Assistant is permanently assigned to the Office of Mexican Affairs at the Department of State in Washington, D.C., where the incumbent functions as the principal liaison between the USIBWC and the Department of State.  The USIBWC is funded through and operates under the foreign policy guidance of the Department of State.  The Special Assistant facilitates cooperation and coordination between the agency and the Department of State and other Washington agencies and organizations on USIBWC issues that have foreign policy implications.  The Special Assistant represents the USIBWC in policy and technical discussions held in Washington and acts as a USIBWC point of contact for Washington Congressional offices and representatives of states, local governments, and non-governmental organizations represented or meeting in Washington.

Francisco Sainz, Office of Mexican Affairs, Room 3924, Department of State, Washington, DC  20520-3924
(202) 647-8529   FAX:  (202) 647-4088