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Rio Grande
The 1944 Water Treaty requires that the International Boundary Water Commission (IBWC) keep a record of the Rio Grande waters belonging to each country. The treaty provides that the IBWC shall construct, operate and maintain on the channel of the Rio Grande and its measured tributaries, gaging stations for purposes of obtaining and determining such record. Implementation of the United States part of these activities is authorized by the American-Mexican Act of September 13, 1950 as amended. More Rio Grande Water Flow Information

Colorado River
The two Governments through the IBWC jointly Colorado Riveradminister the terms of the 1944 Water Treaty relating to the Colorado River, which provides that of its waters there are allotted to Mexico, (a) a guaranteed annual quantity of 1,500,000 acre-feet (1,850,234,000 cubic meters) and (b) any other quantities arriving at the Mexican points of diversion with certain conditions stipulated in the 1944 Treaty. The application of these terms began in 1950. The operations are performed in collaboration with the United States Bureau of Reclamation and the Department of the Interior. More Colorado River Flow Data

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Water Bulletins
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Stream Gage Data
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Water Quality Data
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