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Rio Grande Canalization Project - Project Documentation

Project Background | Restoration Sites

The following are the main documents for the Restoration of the Rio Grande Canalization Project (RGCP).   (All files below are in .pdf format)


File Size

Habitat Restoration Activities in the Rio Grande Canalization Project:Summary June 2009-August 2018

310 KB

Riparian Habitat Restoration at Four Sites in Dona Ana County, New Mexico:Jaralosa, Yeso East, Yeso West and Crow Canyon C - Final Report July 2018

20 MB

Habitat Restoration Activities in the Rio Grande Canalization Project: Summary June 2009 - November 2017

1.33 MB

Map Showing Active USIBWC Habitat Restoration Sites, November 2017

355.7 KB

Final Biological Opinion, August 2017

730.9 KB

Updated Biological Assessment for Long-Term River Management of the Rio Grande Canalization Project, Final Report March 2017

13.42 MB

River Management Plan, Final Report December 2016

11.6 MB

Berino East and West Restoration Site Final Monitoring Report, June 2015

12 MB

Channel Maintenance Alternatives & Sediment-transport Studies for RGCP -Final Report
October 2015

10 MB

Appendix A through C

23 MB

Appendix D through F

17 MB

Appendix G through R

35 MB

River Management Plan, November 2014

2.9 MB

Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation and Groundwater Level Monitoring Report, October 2014

38 MB

Rio Grande Canalization Project Environmental Water Transactions Program Final Framework and Program Report, March 2015

8.8 MB

Biological and Conference Opinion, of August 2012

1.3 MB

Final Biological Assessment of October 2011

3.2 MB

Site Implementation Plans, October 2011

7.2 MB

Depths to Groundwater at Restoration Sites, October 2010

4.6 MB

Soils Survey Resource Report, August 2010

7.2 MB

Record of Decision (EIS) of June 2009

278 KB

Final Conceptual Restoration Plan of March 2009

9.6 MB

Map book of Restoration Sites March 2009
(Note: very large file)

630 MB

Baseline Report FLO-2D Modeling of 9/4/2007

14 MB

Final Environmental Impact Statement - River Management Alternatives of June 2004


River Management Plan of May 2004

47 MB

Biological Assessment of January 2004

9.9 MB


Following is a list of documents that have been produced as part of the Canalization Collaborative, from 2006 to 2009.   (All files below are in .pdf format)


File Size

Workshop #3 Meeting Summary of 12/16/2008
(Sign in Sheet)

48 KB

Tehcnical Memo - Environmental Restoration Flows of 2/11/2008

512 KB

Baseline Report FLO-23 Meeting of 9/4/2007

14 MB

Workshop #2 Meeting Summary of 7/13/2007
(Sign in Sheet)

134 KB

USIBWC Project Brief of 12/12/2006

7.0 MB

Final Scope of Work – Rio Grande Collaborative

59 KB

EBID Brief of 12/12/2006

339 KB

Meeting Summary of 12/12/2006

4.0 MB

Project Background | Restoration Sites